Western Kitchen Equipment Trading Co. LLC is a company operating in the UAE based in Abu Dhabi.

WKET is specialized to provide food preparation, production, storage and distribution equipment as per the needs of the clients within the budget without compromising the quality.

Since its inception, WKET has established itself as an eminent Designer, Supplier and after sales service provider to compete with any similar agency in the region.

WKET is succeeded to place themselves in the top maintenance providers in the area for the past five years.

WKET is committed to provide the ultimate quality products and services to the highest degree of client satisfaction in every stage starting from the design to mobilization, installation, commissioning and training.

WKET is a reliable partner to its clients and highly sophisticated collaborate with Consultants, Chefs, Product principals, hotels and other departments in food service industry.

WKET never compromise its customer relation policies when it comes to the quality of products, services or maintenance, which ties us up with the major players of food service industry in the region.



Our relationship with the industry leaders help us to keep our team updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry which enable them to advise a complete solution for the optimum operation, compliance, efficiency as well as economical.

WKET's technical team are qualified and experienced to plan, coordinate, schedule, delivery and installation.

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